The rules of pinata games at parties

The rules of pinata games at parties

Pinata is a fun game for children to play at parties. Children will love taking turns trying to hit the pinata to break it so they can get the toys and lollies.

What you need:

  • Pinata



To play the pinata game, hang the pinata in its designated place and have the guests stand in a single file line three metres away.

Traditionally, to play the pinata game you blindfold the first child in line, gently spin them around three times, and give them a wooden stick so they can hit the pinata.

If the children are preschoolers, the option of blindfolding can be dropped and you can just spin each child around and give them the opportunity to hit the pinata.

Give each child the opportunity to hit the pinata at least twice.

As each guest tries to hit the pinata, it is extremely important to make sure everyone is standing at least five metres away from the guest with the stick.

In addition, when the pinata is broken, make sure the guest has completely stopped swinging the wooden stick before letting everyone gather the toys and candy.

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