A fun party game that the kids will love as they try and remain as quiet as possible but at the same time cheekily try and steal the treasure. Will they get caught?!

What you need:

  • Blindfold
  • Rolled piece of cardboard
  • Treasure – necklaces, bracelets, brooch


Blindfold one child and give him the cardboard to hold.

Sit the blindfolded child in the middle of a circle made by other children.

Place the pile of treasure in the middle of the circle, next to the blindfolded child.

Each child in the circle takes it in turns trying to steal an item of treasure.

If the blindfolded child hears a thief, he taps them with the cardboard and calls ‘Thief, thief’.

If he touches the thief, the thief must return empty-handed to his place to wait for his next turn.

The thief who collects the most treasure wins the game.


  • The aim of the game is not to hurt the thief – so make sure you remind the kids before the game begins that thieves are to be tapped rather than hit!

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