Traveller’s alphabet

The best car games don’t require any props. This kid’s version of ‘Traveller’s Alphabet’ only requires some imagination and a good grasp of the alphabet.


Number of players:


The aim is for each player to finish the sentence: “I’m going on a journey to…”  using a word that begins with a specific letter of the alphabet.  The game then moves through the alphabet from A – Z.

For instance:

Player 1: “I’m going on a journey to Avalon.”

Other players: “What will you do there?”

Player 1: “I will do some acrobatics.”

If Player 1 cannot think of a place name or an activity beginning with the letter “A,” they are eliminated.  If they do think of a place name and activity, they stay in the game and the play moves on to the next player using the letter “B.”

Keep playing until all but one are eliminated. The last player standing is the winner.


  • You can give all players “3 lives” to save on tears and tantrums.
  • Place names don’t have to be countries, they can be any sort of place name: suburbs, school, the zoo, a restaurant name etc.

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