Valentine’s Day ideas for kids

Valentine’s Day can be more than just a card-giving event for spouses – why not turn the day of hearts into a way to teach children about appreciation and love? 

On February 14, spread the love by helping them to do crafts, create cards and poems – and even make sweet treats. Here are some ideas to get the kids involved. 

Ways to celebrate

In North America, some schools exchange cute Valentine’s Day cards to fellow classmates. We don’t tend to do that here, but why not get children celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving them the opportunity to show love for mum and dad or other family members.

Let them express their love in creative ways, like making cards with a little poem inside, or give a gift they made themselves, or present sweet treats they helped bake in the kitchen.

For some kids, creating something themselves might actually be the only way they know how to show their love for their parents. Or if your child has a little crush on a playmate, why not take the opportunity to talk to them about those feelings and create a card or gift for him or her.

And don’t forget, mums and dads, that hugs, cuddles and kisses for your spouse set a loving example to your children. As it’s also a day of romance for adults, why not join in and  enrich your relationship?

What is Valentine’s Day?

On February 14 of every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world. It began as a day to honour the martyred Saint Valentine around 469AD, but it was during the Middle Ages that it began to be associated with romantic love.

Modern Valentine’s Day symbols include the love heart, dove and the winged god of desire, Cupid.

Nowadays, it’s a day for lovers to express affection for each other by giving flowers, cards, chocolates and other gifts. But why not go back to the days of handwritten love notes and handmade gifts but involving your children?

Here are some cheap and cheerful ways you and your kids can show the love.

Valentine’s Day crafts

Why not get your little ones into some cute activities to celebrate the day of love? Even better if they have a secret crush!

Valentine’s Day printable activities for kids:

Print ff any of these great games for your kids to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day poems

Sweet words for your child to profess their love.

Valentine’s Day cards and love notes

Teach children that making their own cards shows their feelings better than a bought one.

Valentine’s Day recipes

If the way to someone’s heart is truly through their stomach, here are some ways to cook up some love. Kids won’t be able to get enough of these sweet treats. And if all else fails, there’s always chocolate!


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