Paper heart pillow

Paper heart pillow

Valentine’s Day usually involves people sending cards and special gifts to their loved ones. This paper heart pillow is a fun and easy kids activity and a great project for the little ones to do with you. All you need is some paper, a stapler and old newspaper!

What you need:

  • Coloured paper (red is the best for a heart)
  • Stapler or tape
  • Old newspaper or cotton wool
  • Coloured pens and/or glitter

Number of players:


Lay two sheets of coloured paper on top of each other and cut out a large heart shape. Try to ensure the two sheets are the same so the hearts will be identical in shape.

Colour and decorate the hearts as you like.

Staple or tape around the bottom edges leaving a gap at the top large enough to fit your hand.

Scrunch up newspaper or use cotton wool or fabric scraps to fill the heart. Do not overstuff it.

Finish stapling or taping the heart shut.

You now have a beautiful homemade heart pillow to display for everyone to admire!.

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