Valentine’s garland

A Valentines garland is a sweet addition to any home during Valentine;s season. Decorated with hearts and flowers, this garland will bring smiles ;to everyone. This is an easy project to do with the whoel family.

Cupid bingo

Get into the spirit of Valentine's Day by playing this super cute game of cupid bingo. Print off the Valentine-themed sheets and let the fun times begin! Just remember to laminate the sheets if you want to play more than once.

Make a woven heart

Get your kids crafting and make these cute woven hearts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even Father's Day. Not only are they fun to make, they're also a lovely handmade gift for little people to give the special people in their lives.

Make a Valentine crown

Make someone king or queen of your heart this Valentine's Day with this cute Valentine crown – we even have an easy how-to video to show you what to do.  Make this jaunty hat out of hearts you can cut and craft in your lounge room.

Valentine’s picnic

A picnic is a great idea for Valentines Day. All you need to do is pack some of your favourite foods and maybe try something new to create a special memory with your loved ones this year. We have some traditional Valentine;s food ideas as well as a few new ones too!

Valentine heart wreath

We decorate for Christmas, celebrate Easter and even get right into Halloween, so why not Valentine's Day as well? Here's a great way to show the neighbours you're celebrating this occasion in your home with this lovely Valentine's Day wreath for your front door.

Classic love poems

Poets throughout the eras have created some of the most moving and memorable love poems ever written. Why not take some ideas for Valentines Day this year fromthe poetry masters and quote some of the stunning sentiments to your loved ones.

A Valentine poem

Here is a great idea if your little one wants to give their teacher something for Valentines day. A lovely poem about how special teachers are and they can decorate the card as well.

Love notes

There are so many fun ways to tell those dear to you how much you care, so this Valentines Day why not say it in a sweet note? This cool kids art and craft project is easy and suitable for the little ones to get involved too!