Paper heart trees

Decorate your house this Valentine's Day with the Valentine version of a Christmas tree. These paper heart trees take a little bit of cutting prep but are easy as once you get down to the gluing part.

Icy pole hearts

Handmade gifts on Valentine's Day are cherished because they come from the heart. This Icy pole hearts craft project for kids is easy enough for even the youngest Valentine to create. There's little mess but a lot of fun to be had from this project - so get crafting!

Valentine pie pops

These cute little Valentine pie pops can be made for your Valentine's Day sweeties in no time at all. Perfect for a February 14 party, super cute and oh-so-easy, just grab some pastry and jam and off you go!

Stained glass heart

The stained glass heart is a super easy, kid-friendly craft project to enjoy. You will need to help a little with the sticky paper, but otherwise watch your little one create this gorgeous stained glass heart this Valentines day.

Make a daisy chain

Making a daisy chain is a great way to spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine. Make a small daisy chain for your wrist or a longer one to sit on your head. You could even make one as a necklace.

Love hearts

If you want some yummy ideas for Valentines Day then making Love hearts is perfect! When it comes to showing someone how much you care, homebaked biscuits go a long way to saying you are special