Icy pole hearts

Icy pole hearts

Handmade gifts on Valentine's Day are cherished because they come from the heart. This Icy pole hearts craft project for kids is easy enough for even the youngest Valentine to create. There's little mess but a lot of fun to be had from this project – so get crafting!

What you need:

  • icy pole sticks
  • coloured paper
  • glitter and decorations
  • pens
  • glue

Number of players:


Take two icy pole sticks and glue their side edges together.

When the glue is dry on the icy pole sticks, colour or decorate both sides.

Cut out small hearts from the coloured paper and embellish with glitter or coloured pens.

Dab a small amount of glue in the middle of the sticks and place a heart over each glue spot. Then let it dry.

Write a personal message or a person's name on the sticks and deliver as a Valentine's gift.

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