Water war

Water war

Summer is a great time to play with water so challenge the kids with this fun kids party game, Water War! Wage war on the heat and play as you keep cool at your next gathering with some fun water games.

What you need:

  • water balloons
  • water guns
  • sponges
  • buckets
  • 2 small inflatable or plastic pools
  • 2 beach balls

Number of players:


Split the players into two teams.

Place the two pools at either end of the garden or yard.

Put a beach ball in the middle of each pool.

Line one team up next to their pool and beach ball. Draw a line in front of them.

Every team member is given a "weapon" such as water balloons, water guns, buckets of water etc.

When you say "Go", each teams' players race for their opponents' pool trying to steal their beach ball.

If any player gets wet on their way to their opponents' beach ball they have to return to their start line and try again.

The team that captures their opponents beach ball wins.

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