Wet shirt relay race

Wet shirt relay race

Summer is the best time of year for water games and the wet shirt relay race is a fun way to stay cool and enjoy family games. Grab the kids and some friends and organise a game for your next kids party.

What you need:

  • bucket of water for each team
  • t-shirt and pants for each team

Number of players:


Divide the players into two teams.

Give a shirt to each team.

Fill the buckets with water and place the buckets at the end of the garden or yard.

Blow the whistle to start the race.

The first player from each team soaks their shirt and pants in their bucket of water, puts them on and runs back to their team. They must then take them off and give them to the next team member in line.

The second player runs to the bucket and soaks the pants and shirt again and repeats the process.

Everyone in the team has a turn and the first team finished wins.

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