Witch costume: how to dress like a witch

Witch costume: how to dress like a witch

If you have a little girl who wants to take a break from all things pink and sparkly, or who happens to feel a bit more witchy poo, you could encourage her to indulge her mischievous side by dressing her up as a cute witch in this easy witch costume. The perfect Halloween costume!

What you need:

Number of players:


For your witch's outfit:

You have two options:

1. Make your own witchy tutu (no sewing skills required).

2. Fashion something from old clothes you have in the wardrobe.

Anything black will do the trick. For instance, you could cut a ragged hem to an old black dress and use a black shirt as a jacket. 

Now add the stripy tights, boots and witch's broom.

For your witch's hat:

Cut about 20 lengths of wool 50cm long. Trim so it's all even length. Divide in half.

Knot half the orange wool at one end, and secure to an old clipboard. Begin plaiting. Tie with a hair or ribbon when you've plaited the whole length. Repeat with the other half of the wool.

Attach each plait underneath the witch's hat one on either side. Use double-sided tape (or a glue gun if you really want them to hold).

Make sure you let it all dry before popping on your witch's head!

Witchy make-up (optional):

Blacken one tooth; dry the surface of the tooth with cotton wool, then colour it in with your eyeliner pencil.

Witch fingernails:

Cut out long fingernail shapes from your black cardboard. Paint the nails with nail varnish, and pop some double-sided tape underneath when it's nearly dry. Press the fake fingernails on your witch's hands.

Optional props for your witch costume:

  • A witch's broom
  • A cauldron – use a bucket or large saucepan
  • A witch's cat – use a soft toy

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