You rule Dad Father’s Day card

You rule Dad Father’s Day card

Tell Dad he rules by making him this cute Father’s Day card with a pop-up crown. Trust me, he’ll LOVE it.

What you need:

  • 1 x sheet of A4 orange craft paper
  • 1 x sheet of A4 blue card
  • 1 x A5 piece of yellow card
  • 1 x small scrap of blue card (extra)
  • stick-on jewels or gold stars to decorate
  • glue
  • black marker pen
  • scissors
  • crown template

Number of players:


First, you’re going to make the card look a bit more fancy by giving it a nice border edge.

Lay the organge sheet of paper onto the table in front of you. Place the blue cardboard beside it and mark it at 1cm shorter on both edges.

Trim the cardboard so that it’s a bit smaller than the orange paper, leaving a 5mm border all the way round.

Glue the blue cardboard to the orange paper so that the orange paper forms a 5mmm border.

Fold it in half to form the card.

Use the crown template to trace a crown shape onto the yellow cardboard.

Make sure it will be small enough to fit inside the card when the card is closed.

Cut out the crown, fold it at about 2cm from the bottom edge, to form a glue flap.

Decorate the front face of the crown.

Glue the flap of the crown to the base of the card, so that the crown sits up.

Now cut a small piece of blue cardboard, 3.5cm x 12cm. Fold a glue flap for it at about 5mm.

Write “You rule Dad!” in black marker pen on the blue strip. Glue it in place.

Now fold each section down, put an arrow on it to indicate they need to be popped up.

Close the card and write, “Open me for Father’s Day” on the front of the card.

When Dad opens the card, he can pop up his special message.

Dad rules, okay?

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video

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