A Week In The Life Of Lu & Indie

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First time Auckland mum Lu is enjoying being on maternity leave with her little one, Indie (eight months). They love getting out and about as Indie is at that wonderful age where she really takes in her surroundings and engages with those around her.

Lu knows just how messy and magical life with a little one can be, so to share her experience, she takes us behind the scenes to show us what a typical week looks like for them. She also life tests Countdown’s new Little One’s nappies!


Lu little one

A perfect morning for a walk in the nearby reserve. Everything started out well, but about 20 minutes in Indie started squirming uncomfortably and I could tell her nappy needed changing. We did the classic outdoor nappy change on the nearest patch of grass and she happily watched the leaves on the trees as I put a new Little One’s nappy on her. I love that these nappies are so thin but also super absorbent – I knew she’d be a much happier bub for the rest of the walk (and I was right!)


Lu picnic

We decided to have a picnic in the park today with friends as the weather was so beautiful. Indie and her little friend Leo both sat under the trees playing and chatting away to each other. As the day grew hotter I realised I may have overdressed her – she was starting to get a bit hot and bothered! I stripped her down to her nappy so she could cool down a bit and she was so much happier with the spring breeze on her skin.

My friend commented on the cute spotty designs on the Little One’s nappies – I always put quite a bit of thought and effort into her outfits but it’s nice to know that even in just a nappy she still looks on trend!


lu and indie

This morning we had a catch up with my coffee group. We were meant to go to the zoo but the weather wasn’t the best so we just went to one of the girl’s houses. It’s always lovely having all our babies hangout and play together. They are all around the same age and we spend a lot of time chatting about any issues any of us are having. It surprised me that so many of their babies have had really bad nappy rashes – I’ve luckily never had that problem with Indie.

The mums assured me they were not very fun to deal with, along with having a baby who is sore and miserable. It made me realise that Little One’s does a really good job – they keep the moisture away from baby’s skin so she’s dryer for longer. I gave a couple of the mums some of my spare Little One’s from my nappy bag to try out and I’m sure they’ll notice a difference.


tummy time

It was a horrible rainy day today so we spent the day indoors. Sometimes staying home and letting Indie play in her own space is a really good change from always being out and about. At this age, I find that she loves anything she can bang or bash down, so we played with empty pots and wooden spoons in the morning, then built block towers and she chatted to herself in the mirror after her midday nap.

She must be going through a growth spurt as she couldn’t get enough to eat and drink today – which meant lots of nappy changes throughout the day. It always amazes me that a nappy can hold that much wee, but my Little One’s did not let me down – and they worked hard today!



The sun was shining so we went to the Viaduct to meet one of my friends for coffee. My friend had had a terrible night’s sleep with her little one and realised in her tired haze that she had forgotten to bring nappies to change her baby. Luckily I had brought extra Little One’s nappies that I could share with her. She was so grateful and super happy with the fit on her baby, and she loved the spotty design too.

Two happy babies gurgled in their prams while we sipped our coffee … for a few minutes at least. Then it was off for a long walk along the waterfront to get them both to sleep while we chatted.



We had family come over for a bbq this afternoon as the weather was so beautiful.

Indie had quite the audience for her bath. Afterwards, her little four-year-old cousin asked if she could change her nappy and get her dressed with me. She really liked the spotty design on the nappies and even commented on how “light and little” it was.

She was quite curious as to when the nappy would need changing again and whether she could do it herself but I had to break it to her that because the Little One’s nappies are so absorbent I wouldn’t need to change her until the morning, unless of course she surprised us with a middle of the night poop – and luckily she didn’t.


lu and indie

Sunday Funday – we went to check out a new indoor play area that we heard was good for little ones around Indie’s age. She had a ball in the ball pit (pun intended) and loved watching all the other older kids running around too. So much to see and take in – it was a great sensory experience for her. I dressed her in some leggings today which were probably a tad on the small side – she is growing so fast! Luckily the Little One’s nappies aren’t bulky at all so didn’t make it impossible to get the leggings over her bum.

The fit indicator on these nappies is a really neat feature and means you can put the nappy on evenly for a secure and comfortable fit. You just pull the side tab to the line on the fit indicator that is appropriate for your baby and once the side tabs reach line 3 it’s time to move onto the next size up. I think we are almost there ….

This article was written by Lu Dixon on behalf of Kidspot and Countdown Little One’s. Lu was provided with a supply of Countdown Little One’s nappies for the purposes of producing this article.

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