David Walliams ‘Slime’ colouring page

David Walliams fans will love this new fantastically funny tale and colouring page


Welcome to the Isle of Mulch…

Home to a large number of awful adults who like nothing more than making children miserable. And the island is owned by the most awful one of all – Aunt Greta Greed! Something needs to be done about them. But who could be brave enough? Meet Ned! Ned has lived on Mulch all his life and whilst trying to get his own back on his trickster sister, Jemima, he discovers one of the great mysteries of the world – slime! What is it? Who is it? Where does it come from? And how does Ned use slimepower to take on the horrible grown-ups of Mulch? David Walliams’ legion of fans will delight in an enthralling read that finally unearths the legend of the origins of slime.

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Slime colouring in

Activity courtesy of HarperCollins New Zealand. Check out the book here.

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