Did I do enough today?

Despite the huge amount of information and advice readily available, parenting remains a combination of fun, delight, hard work, patience, and the odd curve ball.

Nothing can really prepare you for the reality and unpredictable moments of parenting, but there are a few important things to remember that can help smooth the way.

Finding the little joys

It’s true that parenting can bring a whole new level to the daily grind. As the days go slowly but the years fly by, it’s easy to get lost in the routine and miss the little milestones or special moments. Write those cute little things they said down because you really will forget them in time, snap a photo, laugh at their amazing cow impersonations and indulge their desire to pretend to be a dog, right down to wanting to eat their meal with no hands.

Planning for the future

Kids throw some pretty unexpected things at us that no amount of planning can prevent. From being the first in your coffee group to bite another kid or blurting innocent but frankly embarassing public observations, kids have a great way of making us realise we are never fully in control of what is happening.

We can however plan for the worst case scenario through practical measures such as determining legal guardians for your children, and taking out life insurance to ensure they can be financially protected no matter what the circumstances are.

Give the gift of time

There is a saying that love is spelt t.i.m.e. The reality for many parents is that time is a precious commodity so prioritising time can be a struggle. However, there are many vaulable ways to spend time together and this is not just limited to reading books or learning puzzles. Helping with the chores, putting things in the trolley at the supermarket and passing the clothes pegs are just as important.

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Robyn creates content on Kidspot NZ. Her hobbies include buying cleaning products and wondering why things don’t then clean themselves, eating cheese scones with her friends, and taking her kids to appointments. 

Favourite motto to live by: “This too will pass.”

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