Christmas Gifts | Kids Review LEGO® and LEGO® DUPLO® Sets

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The LEGO® Group has been inspiring creativity since 1932. This Christmas, 90 wonderful years of play later, LEGO playsets are still the perfect gifts that enable you to hand over the key to an exciting Christmas to your child.

No matter where your child’s interests and passions lie, there’s a LEGO set that will delight and inspire creativity and play.

We asked some parents and their very excited children to review some of the top LEGO and LEGO® DUPLO® sets this Christmas.

Arland (1) and his mum Letitcia review LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of South America

LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of South America

The ideal set to introduce your animal-loving preschooler to the wildlife and natural environment, this LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America set is a versatile, hands-on playset packed with play-and-learn possibilities. Meet the crocodile, monkeys, sloth, baby jaguar, toucan and alpaca; explore the trees, rocks and waterfall; then reconfigure the set for new adventures on the foldable, 3-dimensional jungle playmat.

Arland loves building and loves animals so this LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America set was very exciting! His eyes lit up when we showed him the box and he couldn’t wait to open it. Once all the contents were dumped on the floor, we all got to work creating the wonderful jungle scene with the South American animals together.

Arland happily sat there by himself creating and imagining little stories between the animals and building flower towers whilst practising his counting. It was a bonus that he wanted to play with us and by himself all with the same toy.

It is an awesome set that has different animals to the normal farm animals this age group is so familiar with. This helped expand his vocabulary as we taught him that it wasn’t a sheep, but was in fact an alpaca and that the bird in the pack is called a toucan. He was most excited for the sloth as his comforter at night is also a sloth.

Arland and LEGO DUPLO Wild Animals of South America

The set comes with a playmat that he found engaging as it is bright and colourful and it directs him to a specific place to play with the DUPLO bricks. His fine motor skills were also put to the test with this but at 26 months old he was more than capable to push and pull the bricks apart and build towers as high as he could.

Each morning, it is the first toy he wants to play with and I am sure he will continue to play with it for many years to come. The LEGO DUPLO range has many different sets and he can mix all of the sets together for endless fun. Although Arland loved it, I think Dad loved it just as much … as will many more generations to come!

His cousins also had a great time playing with it! They are between the ages of two and five. It encouraged them to play together and talk about a common topic. Arland’s favourite thing to do is pack up his toys and the big box was fun to open and close and so easy for him to initiate cleaning up.

Arland and I reckon this would be a great gift for Christmas or a birthday and I would certainly purchase this for friends!

Leticia and Arland

Ella (9) and her mum Katie review LEGO® Friends Emma’s Art School

Emmas art school LEGO

The LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School set is a 3-storey, beautiful art school where Emma and her friends learn the arts of ceramics, fashion and 3D printing. This pretend-play school set comes with an assortment of cute details: the pottery wheel spins by turning the handle, the camera comes with two lenses and the posable mannequin spins on its stand. The beautiful French-style building can be made even more attractive by customizing it with the included LEGO DOTS tiles.

Ella (9) is a huge fan of LEGO sets especially all of the LEGO Friends range, as she feels like she can relate to the Friends characters that she shares common interests with, so Ella was over the moon when she was given the LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School to build and review.

Ella quickly opened the box up, tipped out the packets and got the instruction booklet out, then quickly got in to building mode starting with the characters which included a couple of new ones that she did not already have.

Ella likes to keep track of how far along in the build she is with the LEGO progress guide at the bottom of each page, she will always shout with excitement when she is halfway there. The closer to the end of the build, the louder her excitement is. 

Emma’s Art School has lot of neat little details on it from the pencil and paintbrush sign to the art deco exterior walls and multiple little art rooms on the inside. Ella’s favourite was the Pottery room and the 3D Printer.

LEGO® Friends Emma’s Art School

Ella has very much enjoyed building and playing with the set along with her cousin and little sister and the amount of detail means there is plenty for everyone to do and lots of imaginative scenes to act out.  

LEGO sets are an all-time classic and are toys that I don’t mind spending money on as I know it is good quality and will last a lifetime – my husband (38) still brings out his big box of LEGO bricks from when he was a kid.

I love how all the sets can integrate with each other and that the kids can build anything they can imagine – the possibilities are endless. One of our favourite rainy day activities is bringing out all the LEGO sets and building a LEGO city where the kids will play for hours and hours using their imagination to tell their stories.  

All in all, Ella totally recommends the LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School set. I think this is one of her favourites and she now wants to collect the rest in this series.

Ella and Katie

Simeon (7) and his mum Jess review LEGO® City Lunar Research Base

Lunar Research Base

The amazing NASA-inspired LEGO City Lunar Research Base contains everything needed to build a domed Lunar Research Base and vehicles (including a lunar lander, skycrane drone, VIPER rover and moon buggy). In addition, there are six astronaut minifigures plus fun accessories for imaginative play, including a planet-surface scanner, plants, drinking mugs and helmets.

I love this LEGO set because I love space and this set is so cool. The best part to build was the biggest bit. It took so long to build and was fun because it has all the hardest pieces in it. I really like learning about how people might go and live in space, maybe I’ll have a holiday in space one day but maybe not, it might be [scary]!
– Simeon

My 7-year-old son said it was his “best day ever” when he opened the package containing the LEGO City Lunar Research Base.
The joy continued as he worked his way through the 3 instruction books and built up the space camp. His concentration and attention to detail blew me away. I love how LEGO sets encourage kids to work systematically and follow instructions. This is such an important life skill, that is the best when learnt through play.
Our boy is a busy and energetic 7-year-old (need I say more?) but he sat quietly (he really did!) all day determined to finish the set and get started on his favourite part; the playing.
LEGO Lunar City Research Base
He is really interested in space and enjoys reading fact books about space and watching rocket launch videos so having this LEGO set that sits so well with his interests has been fascinating for him and so good for growing his imagination and ideas about space.
I’d definitely recommend this set as a great gift for the space lover in your life. As a 7-year-old, he needed a tiny bit of help so it was really nice to be able to have quality time hanging out and helping him with something he loves!
It’s a very fun set and I can see it being played with in many different ways for many years to come! Thanks LEGO New Zealand and Kidspot for the opportunity to review!
Jess (Simeon’s mum)

No matter your child’s interests, there is a set that will fuel their passion and provide hours of playful, creative fun.

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