Kidspot Chats With Megan & Andrew Papas About Being First Time Parents

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Kidspot talked with Megan and Andrew Papas about the joys and challenges of becoming first time parents to Baby Bastian who arrived in February 2021.

Both Megan and Andrew are no strangers to busy lives. Megan, a popular ZM Host and Andrew, singer, actor, TV presenter, radio host, content creator, and even a professional chef, are used to planning and prioritising their time. We discuss their pregnancy journey as well as how having Bastian in their lives has changed things up.

Kidspot: You became pregnant whilst awaiting IVF treatment. How did you react to the news?

Megan & Andrew: I found out while I was at home by myself. There had been so many disappointments I took the test and unlike every other time I was really blasé about it. When I saw the two little lines, I checked the instructions several times to make sure I was reading it right, then I paced around the house in disbelief. I quickly went out and bought this cute pair of socks that had ‘Dad’s my hero’ written on them, put them in a box with the pregnancy test and gave it to Andrew when he got home. We honestly were both just so shocked the tears took a while to come.

Kidspot: Who were the first people you shared the news with when you found out that you were going to become parents?

Megan & Andrew: We shared the news with our family first. We waited till the 12-week mark, and then when everyone was gathered for my birthday, I opened a ‘present’ from Andrew that was a little baby onesie. We didn’t say anything, and once everyone clicked there was screaming and my sister in law literally jumped on top of me!

Kidspot: Beautiful baby Bastian is just over a month old. Since his birth, what is the most surprising thing that you’ve learnt about him and about yourselves?

Megan & Andrew: Andrew believes he has learnt to be more calm and less scheduled. We have learnt there is another type of love out there. It’s true when people talk about this, how you never knew you could love something so much that you have had no time to get to know. Straight off the bat, you’ll do anything for this little human.

It’s amazing how a baby can have their own little personality, and how everyday it develops a little bit more. His favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and it’s no exaggeration. If he’s having a moment, it’s the only song that stops him crying! I got my producer to make a half hour loop of it, I hear that song in my sleep!

Kidspot: Becoming parents is a life changing event. What are some of the things you’ve had to consider that had never crossed your mind before Bastian’s arrival?

Megan & Andrew: We’ve always been pretty selfish, in the way that we always prioritised ourselves, but now we have another little human that takes priority over everything, us included!

We knew we would become homebodies, but we didn’t realise how happy we would be just staying home all the time and playing with him. We’ve wasted hours just looking at him!

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