Fossils from Lost Worlds by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt | Kids Book Review

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Walk in the footsteps of the first fossil researchers to discover the earliest animal life on Earth with this large format book written and illustrated by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt.

Explore the story of a spiny sea worm without a tail or head, a walking fish, a peaceful sea dragon, and many other incredible creatures.

Told through comics, illustrations and data, Fossils from Lost Worlds is also a fascinating insight into paleontology itself. It shows how science is a process of thinking and rethinking, questioning and learning. Through a timeline of animal reconstructions and major discoveries, we can track the beliefs and theories that have brought our knowledge to where it is today.

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“Fossils from Lost Worlds is a non- fiction book by Hélène Rajcak and Damien Laverdunt. It explains about how the prehistoric creatures lived, from the first creature, the Dickinsonia, to the ever so famous T.Rex. It pulls you in with the picture and provides a good chunk of information without you even thinking about getting bored.

I would recommend this to people who like prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs because I’m sure they will learn something new.”

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