Nanogirl Live! Out of This World

I recently took my girls (aged 6 and 11) to see the Nanogirl Live! show when the team were in Hamilton.

Nanogirl was created to “inspire, educate and empower through STEM” and the Nanogirl Live! shows are a mixture of “explosive, engaging, entertaining and educational” live performance.

An ‘Out of this World’ show

For their Out of This World show, Boris (Nanogirl’s assistant) is thinking about going to space. Due to his curiosity about getting to and surviving in space, they ran though a series of awesome experiments. These experiments got LOUD and they got messy! But along the way, we all learnt a thing or two about thrust and Bernoulli’s principle, which is the theory of flight. We also learnt how water vapour allows us to see tornados, and how the moon is a giant mirror.

Before the show began, we were asked to fill in the “before” section of an audience survey. This exercise was really interesting to me. Neither of my children believed that they had been taught science at school. I did point out that learning about weather patterns, plant or animal lifecycles and even baking were all science. At primary school they often don’t call the lesson science though. My girls were unconvinced any science had been taught to them. Then when asked to describe what an engineer does, Miss 6 told me “he builds things”. I was blown away by the “he”!

The show went ahead, and was fast-paced and fun. There was a good mixture of visuals on a screen taking you through the principals and theories. CLAIR, an artificial intelligence, also featured on the screen helping out with further information. They talked through each experiment, asked for us to guess at what might happen and they included kids coming to the stage to help with the demonstrations. Miss 11 managed to get up and got to work with Nanogirl on a dry ice tornado. She was absolutely thrilled. There were several times when we were warned to put our fingers in our ears and honestly, you absolutely needed to. If you have a kid with sensitive ears, I would suggest taking ear protection along for their comfort.

Spreading the STEM message

After the show, the kids filled in the rest of their surveys. Miss 6 said that Nanogirl didn’t look like an engineer because she was too pretty. I silently promised myself I would start watching live-streams of female astronauts with her later! You can be pretty and make things, kid! Then we got to meet Nanogirl and have selfies as well. That was really special. The best thing about the show, was that aside from us getting to learn, the team also use some of the proceeds to run free science shows for schools as they tour. Science is definitely for everyone, and STEM shows like this are one way to help get that message out there.

Nanogirl is still touring at the moment through til mid December. Find out more about Nanogirl Live here.

This article was written by Kym Moore. Kym is a working mum of two, and occasional blogger. Fancies herself a writer, when she isn’t editing her kids’ vlogs or running their social media at Baby Likes Cake. Follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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  1. Mands1980 15/12/2018 at 10:05 am

    Wow this would be great to see my kids love doing science at school so watching or even being involved in this would be a great experience but things like this are only in cities not little rural towns.

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