Real Pigeons: Flexed Feathers By Andrew MacDonald | Kids Book Review

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Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird? It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!

The REAL PIGEONS use PIGEON POWERS to fight crime, solve mysteries and help creatures in the city.

But when CONCRETE starts mysteriously MELTING in the city, a FEATHER-SNATCHER goes on a plucking-spree and an EVIL HAT has a plan to CLONE the Real Pigeons, our feathered heroes are going to need more than just PIGEON POWERS to save the day!

No-one can protect a city like Rock, Frillback, Tumbler, Homey and Grandpouter. Crime-fighting has never been so COO!

This is the seventh book in the Real Pigeons series from author Andrew McDonald. Each book contains three hilarious, silly and and engrossing mysteries that readers in the 6 to 9 year age group will love.

See what our Kid Reviewer Payton thought about Real Pigeons Flex Feathers below ⬇️

“The book is about concern melting all over the city. A pigeon named Rock and his friends go to investigate.

My favourite part is when they go to a dog show and find there’s a magic hat that is stealing feathers and planning to clone the rock and his friends, and this might have some to do with making the concrete melt.

Recommended for kids who like reading funny stories, birds and going on adventures.

I rate it 8 out of 10.”


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