Road Trip Bingo

For your next road trip, keep the kids occupied with road trip bingo!

Kids in the car sometimes have a tendency to drive you a little bit round the bend! Arguments over seating arrangements, constant requests for snacks and neverending toilet stops can make longer journeys a challenge. Keep them busy with a game of road trip bingo.

Printable road trip bingo cards

Simply print off a card for each player and distribute them to the kids with a pencil. First to spot something shouts out that they’ve found it and ticks it off their card. Everyone else has to wait for another of that item to appear. When someone has a line complete (either horizontal or vertical) they sing Jingle Bells (it’s just a lot less crash-inducing than someone shouting BINGO!). On long journeys you can try and fill the whole card.

If you want to reuse the cards, laminate them and use a whiteboard marker to tick them off.

Click the image below for a printable PDF version.

Road trip bingo

More bingo cards

For a variation, the cards below have different things to find on each card. There are two games per card so just cut them in half after printing.

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