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As a mum of two boys my world is a chaotic one from morn till dawn, filled with loud noise, a mess I never seem to stop cleaning up, and… scrapes, bruises, cuts, ouchies, scratches, blood, bumps and pokes! We have rules and regulations to try to minimise all of this daily chaos, but life happens, and for this life in this world I need to be prepared at all times for the accidents that come with adventurous energetic boys!

There’s 3 simple steps involved with the Elasoplast Wound Care Routine, making fast wound healing uncomplicated.

Elastoplast recommends the following three easy steps to heal wounds faster:

  1. Cleanse the wound fast and pain-free with the Elastoplast Wound Spray for protection from infection.
  2. For protection from dirt and bacteria, cover your wound with an Elastoplast plaster or wound dressing.
  3. For faster healing and lower risk of scarring, apply Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment regularly until the wound has visibly healed. If necessary, re-cover using an Elastoplast plaster or wound dressing.
Elastoplast wound care

Elastoplast Wound Spray

Protects effectively from wound infections; colourless and odourless – does not leave any stains on skin and clothes; fast and pain-free application; suitable for sensitive skin.

Elastoplast Fabric Plaster

Protects from dirt and bacteria; strong adhesion; flexible; breathable.

Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment

Heal wounds up to 2x faster (in comparison to an untreated wound); reduces the risk of scarring; free of colourants, fragrances, preservatives; suitable for damaged, irritated, dry or sensitive skin (including babies and children).

Elastoplast wound care
Elastoplast wound care
Elastoplast wound care

How did we find the Elastoplast Wound Care Routine?

After slipping by the pool I had a very brave 5 year old boy with a few grazes to the knee and elbows. Despite his mighty courage there was little doubt in my mind that there would be some squealing of unbearable pain when we went to use the Elastoplast Wound Spray to clean and protect the scrape. He squealed as expected but I’m pleased to report it was a short lived drama, after realising the sting wasn’t so stingy he sat calmly for step 2; Elastoplast Fabric Plaster. I really like fabric plasters, they’re breathable, flexible and these Elastoplast ones really do have a strong adhesion and stick to the skin once dry. The next day the scrapes had dulled and I prepared the Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment. We applied the ointment lightly to all of the grazes, with one still being a little raw drawing a wince from the patient, otherwise it was a no fuss application with one more Elastoplast Fabric Plaster applied. The following day we removed the plaster easily and the wound was healing well. We applied the Healing Ointment one more time for good luck, and I neither saw nor spoke of the graze again! A successful operation from Dr Mum (and Elastoplast Wound Care Routine).

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