4 Ways To Upgrade Your Office Space

Have an office space that needs refreshing? Whether you’re creating a study space for your teen in their bedroom or you’re going to be working from home more, having a space that helps you focus is important for success.

Before you get started, we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your office space.

Consider your needs

It’s great to have a stylish office, but if the space doesn’t work for what you need it for, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling frustrated and your motivation lacking. So before you start doing anything, think about what you’re going to be doing in your office.

  • Do you largely work with tech or are you a pen and paper kind of person?
  • How much desk space do you actually need?
  • How much time are you planning on spending at your desk?
  • What are your teens study needs?

Storage is key

Seriously, get yourself some storage.

Whether it’s a floor to ceiling bookshelf, a filing cabinet that fits under your desk or floating shelves on your wall, having good storage will help declutter your space and let you work effectively. Being able to file your papers, folders, stationery and other bits and bobs in boxes or baskets will help create a flawless storage look while still keeping your must-haves in easy reach.

There are a tonne of affordable ways to create storage areas in your home and if you’re a DIY goddess who loves to upcycle, you can create stylish storage options that fit the overall vibe of your home.

sunrise shelf
Create a Sunrise Shelf

We love a DIY project and this Sunrise Shelf is a great way to create a feature on your wall while offering a great storage solution.

  • Display photos and other personal memorabilia
  • Integrate small plants into your office to help create a calming space
  • Store stationery in small jars (repurpose jars to make your space more eco-friendly)
See project

Bring in personal touches

Just because you’re there to work, doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your office to create a light and fun space you want to keep coming back to. Bring in patterns, pictures, colours and some greenery into your work space to help create the overall look.

Stand-up plants or small desk terrariums liven up the room and a few mis-matched frames on the wall and a small rug help breathe life into your work space.

Top tip: don’t go overboard. It’s great to create a welcoming space you’re happy to be in everyday, but you don’t want to clutter up your office with objects that don’t serve a purpose.

Think about comfort

Whether you’re spending everyday in your office, you work from home one-day a week or this space is more of an area you use when needed, comfort is key. Make sure you have a chair that provides great back support and a desk that is at a height that works for you – no more hunching over your laptop.

How would you personalise your office space?

Written by Monique Renee

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