DIY Snowman Decoration

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Recycle bottle tops and make some cute snowman decorations for the Christmas tree

Follow the instructions and watch the video below.

You will need:

Santa Paint Brushes
  • Clean bottle tops
  • Resene testpots in Alabaster (white), Adrenalin (orange), and Black
  • Paintbrushes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Stick-on decoration

Ruby and Ella show you how to make them in the video plus we have step by step instructions below.

snowman step 1

Step 1:

Paint all of your clean bottle tops with Alabaster (White) on one side and leave to dry then paint the other side.

Snowman step 3

Step 2:

Paint 2 black dots for the eyes and 5 for the mouth on one bottle top. Once the eyes are dry put a tiny white dot on each eye and add an Adrenalin (Orange) nose.

Step 3:

Next glue the 3 parts of the snowman together using your hot glue gun. Cut your desired length of ribbon (two each snowman), glue one around the snowman necks for the scarf and glue the second on the back of the head for a hanger.

Step 4:

Put a small Christmas decoration on the scarf – your snowman is now ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

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