Naturally Gifted

Are you looking for an new, innovative fundraising idea? Naturally Gifted turn children's artwork into a stunning keepsakes. They have a broad range of products including tiles and mugs that the art can be transferred on to. The tiles come in two sizes and can be sold individually or put together to create a mural.

Luscious Slushi

Kids love our slushies, and we hire slushy machines for special events & fundraisers! It's a perfect & fun way to raise money for your school, club, organisation or cause. Choose from a wide range of flavours and colours and it's very easy to use.

Ferrymead Golf

Have you got a sports competition or an event coming up? We are now offering an exciting new indoor or outdoor Mini Golf fundraising option right here at Ferrymead Golf. We charge just $5 per person but you can charge whatever you like on top of that.

Fundraise Factory

Stress of fundraising too much? We can help you fundraise smarter, not harder! We have carefully selected low effort campaign ideas and products with the most profit. Get in touch for free ideas, free samples and our awesome selection of FREE tools!