List of 1000 most commonly used words

There are two basic types of spelling word lists for students of all ages. Sight words are words that must be memorised by sight as they are troublesome to sound out, while phonics lists are lists based on common sounds.

The Ayres Spelling Scale is perhaps the oldest spelling list used by educators. First published in 1915, it contains 1,000 of the most commonly used words. The theory is that if children can learn to spell the words on the Ayres list, they should be able to write and spell without many mistakes.

The words are made up of words in common use such as days of the week and commonly used prepositions. Words are listed in alphabetical order rather than in the order of difficulty.

The way this list is put together makes it an excellent tool for older students who are learning to read the English language. There is less need to separate words into grade levels and so they may be learned alphabetically.

Here are the 1,000 words from the Ayres Spelling List in alphabetical order:


a convenient hard official something
able convention has often sometimes
aboard convict hat old son
about copy have omit song
above cordially he on soon
absence cost head once sorry
accept could hear one south
accident country heard only speak
according course heart open special
account court height opinion spell
across cover held or spend
act crowd help order spent
action cut her organization spring
add dark here organize stamp
addition dash herself other stand
address date high ought start
adopt daughter him our state
affair day himself out statement
afraid dead his outside station
after deal history over stay
afternoon dear hold own steamer
again death home page still
against debate honor paid stole
age December hope pair stone
ago decide horse paper stood
agreement decision hot part stop
air declare hour particular stopped
alike deep house party story
all degree how pass street
allege delay however past struck
allow department human pay study
almost desire hurt people success
alone destroy husband perfect such
along develop I perhaps sudden
already diamond ice period suffer
also did if personal suggest
although died illustrate picture suit
always difference immediate piece summer
am different importance place summon
among difficulty important plan Sunday
amount direct impossible plant supply
an direction imprison play support
and director improvement pleasant suppose
annual disappoint in please sure
another discussion include pleasure surprise
answer distinguish income point system
any distribute increase police table
anything district indeed political take
anyway divide inform poor talk
appear do information popular tax
application doctor injure population teach
appoint does inside position teacher
appreciate dollar inspect possible tell
April don’t instead post ten
are done intend pound tenth
argument door interest power term
army doubt into practical terrible
around down investigate prefer testimony
arrange dozen invitation preliminary than
arrangement dress is prepare thank
arrest drill issue present that
arrive driven it president the
article drown its press theater
as due itself pretty their
ask during jail price them
assist duty January primary themselves
associate each judge principal then
association earliest judgment principle there
assure early July print therefore
at east June prison these
athletic easy just private they
attempt eat justice probably thing
attend education keep proceed think
attention effect kill progress third
August effort kind promise this
aunt eight knew prompt those
auto either know proper though
automobile elaborate known property thought
avenue elect lady prove three
await election lake provide through
away else land provision throw
awful emergency large public Thursday
baby empire last publication thus
back employ late publish ticket
bad enclose law purpose time
ball end lay push tire
band engage lead put to
be engine learn question today
bear enjoy least quite together
beautiful enough leave race told
became enter led railroad tomorrow
because entertain ledge rain tonight
become entire left raise too
bed entitle length ran took
been entrance less rapid top
before escape lesson rate total
beg especially let rather toward
began estate letter reach town
begin estimate liberty read track
beginning even life ready train
begun evening light real travel
behind event like really treasure
believe ever line reason tree
belong every list receipt trip
beside everything little receive trouble
best evidence live recent true
better examination local recommend truly
between except long recover trust
big expect look red try
bill expense lose refer Tuesday
black experience loss reference turn
block express lost refuse two
blow extra lot regard unable
blue extreme love region uncle
board eye low relative under
boat face machine relief understand
body fact madam remain unfortunate
book factory made remember unless
born fail mail repair until
both fair majority reply up
bought fall make report upon
box family man represent us
boy famous manner request use
bridge far many respectfully usual
bring farther March responsible vacation
broke father marriage rest various
brother favor material restrain very
brought feature matter result vessel
build February may retire victim
built feel May return view
burn feet maybe ride visit
business fell mayor right visitor
busy felt me ring vote
but few mean river volume
buy field meant road wait
by fifth measure room walk
call fight meet round want
came figure member royal war
camp file men rule warm
can fill mention run was
cannot final mere running watch
capture finally might said water
car find mile sail way
card fine mind salary we
care finish mine same wear
career fire minute Saturday weather
carried firm Miss saw Wednesday
carry first miss say week
case five Monday says weigh
cast fix money scene well
catch flight month school went
cause folks more sea were
celebration follow morning search west
cent foot most second what
center for mother secretary when
century foreign motion section where
certain forenoon mountain subject whether
chain forget move secure which
change form Mr. see while
character fortune Mrs. seem who
charge forty much seen whole
check forward must select whom
chief found my senate whose
child four name send why
children fourth national sent wife
Christmas free navy separate will
church Friday near September wind
circular friend nearly serious winter
circumstance from necessary serve wire
cities front need service wish
citizen full neighbor session with

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