NZ Apple Products: Fruit Snacks

New Zealand Apple Products have been producing innovative snacks for almost two decades now, providing additional local value to New Zealand fruit.

Knowing how important it is for you and your whole family to have a good balance of nutritious foods and healthy products in your diet, they have developed various fruit-based snack products with some of the most amazing processes to create a unique and yummy experience for everyone.

  • Made from New Zealand apples
  • Baked
  • Gluten-free
  • No sulphites, preservatives, additives, or allergens

New Zealand Apple Products

The New Zealand Apple Products range includes Air Dried, Pouch, and Freeze-Dried snack options.

Air-Dried products include Apple Chips and Apple Rings, made with 100% baked apples. These have an incomparable and exquisite texture, combined with the taste of beautiful hand-picked sweet apples. There are also Fruit Noodles – fruit leathers made with 100% fruit, shaped into small noodles for an easy way to eat on the go or add to lunchboxes. Fruit Noodles are available in three flavours: Just Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant, or Apple & Boysenberry. Made from 100% New Zealand fruit with no artificial flavours.

Fruit Hitz are a healthy fruit pouch snack for those who prefer a nutritious alternative to satisfy their sweet cravings. They’re made from high quality apple puree from seasonal apples grown in the sunny picturesque Tasman region. Fruit Hitz are convenient for parents to include in children’s lunches or as natural snacks. They can also be used as a baking ingredient for many sweet or savoury recipes. The Fruit Hitz range has four different yummy flavours; Mango, Strawberry, Tropical, or Summer Berry – they are super smooth and delicious. No artificial flavours.

The Freeze Dried range are an exceptionally healthy snack for those who prefer a nutritious alternative to satisfy their sweet cravings. The natural profile of the New Zealand Freeze Dried Products, provide great value and convenience for parents to include these in lunchboxes, morning, or afternoon snacks. The Freeze Dried products can also be added to cereal, porridge, smoothies, many sweet and/or savoury recipes and along with a topping on your baking for that unique look. You will find that these not only have a unique flavour but are delicious and hard to resist. The range of Freeze Dried products includes Apple Sticks, Gold Kiwifruit, Fruit Medley, and Mixed Berry. Made from 100% New Zealand fruit.

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Each selected reviewer will receive:  Two products from the fruit snacks range, chosen at random from:

  • Dried Apple Chips (30g)
  • Dried Apple Rings (100g)
  • Fruit Noodles (30g) – Just Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant, or Apple & Boysenberry
  • Fruit Hitz (90g) – Tropical, Mango, Strawberry, or Summer Berry
  • Freeze Dried Apple Sticks (34g)
  • Freeze Dried Gold Kiwifruit (34g)
  • Freeze Dried Fruit Medley (34g)
  • Freeze Dried Mixed Berry (34g)

You will also be provided with an opportunity to leave a review on the New Zealand Apple Products website and go in the draw to win a month’s supply of New Zealand Apple Products!

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  1. aquamarine 17/09/2021 at 10:37 am

    I have 3 kids ages 1,3 and 5. The rage looks to cater well for all these age groups and would love to try a healthy Nz made snack especially its great that this range can be combined to other foods in the house to enhance flavour. Also the packaging looks great and will make it easy to prep lunches or take as snacks on the go. These would be awesome to try for our family. Thanks.

  2. Nobuka 16/09/2021 at 9:18 pm

    Would love to try these for my son’s finger food practice and he can bring this to his daycare. He will enjoy with these I am sure and I love give him healthy snack ☺️

  3. Rachael3 16/09/2021 at 5:41 pm

    I would love for my youngest son to try these snacks. they look so yummy and healthy

  4. Missmuffet 16/09/2021 at 5:09 pm

    Dried fruit is a wonderful idea in our daughters. We are looking for new ideas for her lunchbox. This would be a great thing to have.

  5. alisun 16/09/2021 at 7:58 am

    These are very yummy we have eaten these before and my children love them and so do I

  6. Tesha 15/09/2021 at 10:45 pm

    Yes please, i would like to see if my son would go for these, i am introducing different tasty healthy snacks and these sounds very nice.

    • Debbieandcayden 16/09/2021 at 3:58 pm

      We would love to try these on our now 15 month boy there great been made in NZ and fruit is always great to get into your kids and adults. 😊

  7. Trinity93 15/09/2021 at 8:29 pm

    Would love a chance to trial these especially with a fussy 2.5y/o who has a sensory issue with textures so getting fruit into him is difficult but he does eat fruit snacks. My 4y/o would absolutely love these she’s a fantastic water and would give me an honest review if she didn’t like something.

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