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  • Was I patient zero?

    Wednesday 09:25PM

    Either I was patient zero last week...or I am going to be one of four patients once this thing does the rounds

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  • Paint shopping

    Sunday 10:27PM

    Hubby just was not that interested in it, despite him being the reason

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  • Baking botch-ups

    Saturday 10:52PM

    You know those blogs when the author shares with you a beautiful recipe for cookies and then a bunch of artly posed photos...

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  • 3 dates in 1 day

    Sunday 11:39PM

    Yesterday was Valentine's day and I decided that I would try to split myself in three a bit

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  • Exam time!

    Friday 06:40PM

    I'm up early. Usually I'm up this early so I can have coffee before the kids wake, but this morning I have an exam

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