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  • Back to study

    Tuesday 03:28PM

    Well I've gone into study again, this time, its only part time doing call centre...

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  • Home sick baking

    Friday 03:16PM

    So the tummy bug has come and stayed with me for the past three days and Mr 4 wanted to do some baking...

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  • Home

    Wednesday 04:04PM

    We Don't buy food at the movies, just popcorn, and usually take our own chippies n chocolates, So much cheaper

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  • Looking for a hobby

    Tuesday 09:47PM

    Fuelled on by some brilliant ideas from the ladies who read my last blog, I was talking with a friend at work

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  • A night of fun

    Saturday 04:31PM

    I really needed that night out, to blow out the cobwebs. I've been getting so emotional lately, but still pushing things down

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