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  • Rainy Baking Day

    Saturday 11:02PM

    When we woke around 630am this morning to several child disturbances, it was absolutely bucketing down

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  • Nighttime wetness

    Monday 03:33PM

    Now I don't allow him anything to drink 1-2 hours before bedtime and sometimes if he does i then wake him around 10ish to go toilet...

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  • That me!

    Friday 07:11AM

    So whenever A sees a picture of little L, she thinks it is her and we have to correct her

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  • Fifty shades...

    Monday 06:48PM

    That movie was Fifty shades of grey... lol yes i know what you're thinking... But i've wanted to see it

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  • Update on Moi

    Wednesday 08:36PM

    Good news is they got all the cancer, and hopefully, in my check up in 3 months time they will tell me I don't need any further treatment

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