DIY bon bons

I don’t know about you, but store-bought bon bons are never really a huge hit at our place. So last year, I made my own – complete with dirty jokes for the adults (and clean ones for the kids – sitting at another table). It’s easy and you can fill the bon bons with whatever you like: little chocolates, tiny gifts or Christmas ornaments. For an extra surprise – add confetti! Provided you’re happy to clean up the mess it makes …

You’ll need:

  • A bon bon kit (try craft stores like Spotlight or Lincraft)
  • Plain and coloured A4 paper
  • Small confetti (use a hole punch to punch out coloured paper to make your own)
  • Sticky tape
  • Double-sided sticky sheets cut into hearts or other shapes (available from Spotlight)
  • String
  • A joke written on a piece of small paper
  • Scalloped edge scissors



Step one

Place the ‘snapper’ in the bon bon kit inside the cardboard roll

Step two

Roll up the roll inside the plain white paper. Secure with sticky tape.

Step three

Bunch up the paper at one end and tie with the string, being sure to include the snapper and the ends hanging out past the string.

Step four

From the open end, fill the roll with confetti, your rolled-up joke, gift, chocolate, etc. Bunch the paper up at this end with the snapper sticking out and tie with string.

Step five

Cut a strip of coloured paper with scalloped edge scissors, roll it around the bon bon and secure with tape.

Step six

Stick on your double-sided sticky heart or other shape on the front of the bon bon.

Step seven

Sprinkle confetti over the sticky shape and gently pat into place. Place on plates and get ready to start your Christmas feast off with a bang!

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