Toy-free Gift Ideas For Kids

Kids are constantly on the move and exploring their world. They also have quickly changing interests, so when buying gifts think outside the box and instead of choosing the latest toy, focus on their needs.

That means finding gifts that keep kids busy and engaged rather than giving them toys they’ll only play with for a few weeks and then forget about.

If your kid is starting school, finding new interests, or taking up a new sport, consider something like this list of creative gifts for kids.

1. A great pair of headphones

A great pair of headphones can be used anywhere. They’re great for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and more. They may even need them for online school work on their laptop or tablet.

2. A brand-new backpack

Backpacks are a must-have for kids. Obviously, they’re a great way to carry your child’s school supplies, but they can also be used for holidays, playdates, sports, and family outings to keep to hand everything they need while out and about.

3. A subscription to a book club

A subscription to a book club is an excellent gift for kids. They encourage reading and help develop literacy skills and can also be a delightful way to get your child involved in choosing books. When they’re reading a book, treat them to something like bubble gum as it’s been shown that it can improve focus.

4. Great sports gear

A great gift for kids is sports gear. Sports gear can be expensive, but it’s a fun and useful way to exercise and stay healthy. It can also help kids make friends when they play together. Sports gear can be used for many years, so it’s good value if you plan on getting your child something that will last through many years of growth!

5. Their favourite cookies

Homemade cookies or other baking makes a great extra gift that they will love to devour whilst unwrapping their other presents. Or spend a day making them together to give to other kids or adults. Kids love making them, and they’re easy to make with ingredients you probably already have. Team the cookies with a new book for a great storytime treat.

6. Fun, new clothes

Kids grow up fast, so they’re always in need of clothes that fit. A new outfit or a much-wanted piece of clothing makes a great, practical gift idea that they’ll get lots of use out of. Shop the sales or check out good secondhand items in your local area through TradeMe or Facebook Market.

7. Art supplies

Art supplies are fun and can be used for a variety of home and school projects. If you have a child who loves painting, an easel, some blank canvases, brushes and paint colours make a great gift idea. For those who love to draw or colour, a big jotter pad and coloured pencils or markers will inspire their creativity.

8. A scooter

A scooter is a great way to get your kids outside and on the go and can provide hours of fun with friends. Scooters are also excellent for transportation, especially if your child walks to school. They’re easy to ride and compact enough to store away easily.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Kids love things that make them feel special, so focus on those gifts that nurture their interests and encourage them to be themselves.

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