20 questions

20 questions is a great kids car game or party game that can be played anywhere and with small or large groups of children. Get their minds active as they try to figure out the answers.


Number of players:


Before the game begins, the player must reveal whether their object is animal, vegetable or mineral.

All questions will be answered yes or no.

There can only be twenty questions per round.

Begin with each player taking a turn to ask a question.

Players can work together to come up with questions to ask. Ask a general question in the beginning (Is it living?) and then get more specific as the game goes on.

If a player tries to guess what the object is, it counts as a question.

The player who correctly guesses the object is the winner of that round and starts another round by thinking of an object.

If the players fail to identify the object by the end of twenty questions, the answer is revealed and the secret keeper gets to choose another object and start again.

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