April Fools’ Day prank: No joke!

April Fools’ Day prank: No joke!

April starts with a laugh and a giggle thanks to April Fools' Day! What better way to begin a new month than with some fun practical jokes? This one is a clever prank that will keep your victim on their toes!

What you need:

  • the whole morning

Number of players:


Last April Fools' Day someone pranked you well … so well, in fact, that you are looking to get them back. You must do it this year, and do it well. And you can do it with nothing at all.

Here is how it works.

Promise your prankee the night before that you are going to get them back for their prank last April Fools' Day. To build suspense, you could play it up for the whole week in the lead up to April Fools' Day.

From the moment they wake up on April Fool's Day, rub your hands together, look at them often, smile knowingly and add a wink to be sure to get your point across. Keep doing this all morning – they'll be nervously watching the clock, praying for 12pm to roll around!

At just one minute to 12, rub your hands together again as you approach them. At this time, they will remind you that you have no time left as April Fools' Day finishes in just one minute.

Call out "April Fools'!" and see their reaction.

The whole morning of April Fools' Day, they would have been stressing out about the prank you are going to pull on them, only to find out that the joke was that that there was NO JOKE!

Enjoy the reward.

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