Baby exercise: Bouncing ball

Baby exercise: Bouncing ball

Exercising with baby is all about development but it can also be about fun! Watch as your baby gets more and more enjoyment from rolling about the house with you. They will have no idea it is great for them too!

What you need:

  • beach ball

Number of players:


Lay your baby over an inflatable beach ball as you would lay over an exercise or gym ball.

Slowly move the ball back and forth allowing her to feel the movements before taking it too far.

Let her roll backwards with her feet towards the ground allowing her feet to touch the ground.

Your baby will get more comfortable with the movements and her confidence will grow.


  • Your baby should be no younger than 4 months when playing this activity. She should be able to support her head properly.
  • These exercises will help your baby develop her leg muscles and further gain head control.

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