Balloon maths

Balloon maths

Nothing beats the sound of balloons popping. In this excellent maths game for kids, everyone gets to pop at the same time and race to finish. This maths game make sorting and counting an enjoyable ride as everyone races to win!

What you need:

  • paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • balloons – one for each player


Number of players:


Each player writes numbers one to 20 on a piece of paper.

Cut out each number.

Fold or scrunch the numbers up.

Put all the scrunched up numbers into the balloon.

Blow the balloon up and tie it off.

When the leader or teacher says go, each player is to pop their balloon.

Once popped, all the numbers will randomly fall out of the balloon.

Gather the bits of paper and unfold them.

The objective is to put all the numbers in order on a table or the floor.

The first player to do this correctly wins.


  • For older players, you can use more numbers. For example only even numbers or only odd numbers.


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