Beggar my neighbour

This card game is a fun game that kids will enjoy. There is a lot of concentration involved and enable the children to learn basic counting skills.


Number of players:


All the cards are dealt, one by one, around the group, until there are none left.

Each player collects his cards in a face-down pile and does not look at them.

To start, the person to the left of the dealer places his top card face-up in the centre.

Then the game moves around clockwise, with each player adding one card to the central pile until someone turns up an Ace, Jack, Queen or King.

The player who turns up one of these cards can then demand payment from the next player.

An ace earns four cards, a King earns three cards, a Queen earns two cards, a Jack earns one card .

These payment cards are each placed on the central pile.

The last player who turned up an Ace or Court Card takes the whole central pile and puts it at the bottom of his own.

He starts the next round, and the game begins again.

The winner is the player who first goes out by using up all his cards.


  • For two or three players, one standard deck of cards can be used. Any more than three players will require two decks.

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