Box car game


Spark your toddler’s imagination with some make-believe. Teach them this box car game and have them drive mum or dad to the shops, the picnic and all about town with a cool car all of their very own!

What you need:

  • Large box
  • 5 paper plates
  • Child’s plastic chair
  • Black and red paint
  • Glue or staples
  • Scissors

Number of players:


Place your box with the sealed side on the ground.


Cut off the four flaps of the box. Paint it red (or whatever colour you prefer). Allow to dry.

Make the door: on one side, cut all the way down to bottom and across the fold. Fold this back and forth a few times, to make it flexible.

Make the wheels: paint four paper plates in black paint. Allow to dry.

Glue or staple the four paper-plate wheels to the box.

Place the child’s chair in the box.

For the steering wheel, attach a white paper plate to the front inside of the car.

Your little one can now drive his car. Have fun encouraging your baby to use his imagination!

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