Build a balloon rocket

Build a balloon rocket

Put some excitement in your day with this high-flying kids’ science experiment. Building a balloon rocket is fun and there’s no mess which is great news for parents! So blast-off with this high-speed project and explore the wonderful world of science.

What you need:

  • Balloon
  • 3 metre length of kite string
  • Plastic straw
  • Tape

Number of players:


Thread one end of the string through the straw.

Tie each end of the string between two solid supports such as a chair, table leg or door knob, making sure it is strung tightly.

Blow up the balloon but do not tie it.

Holding the opening of the balloon closed with your fingers, tape one side of the balloon to the straw so that it hangs horizontally below the string.

Get ready for launch and let the end of the balloon go. Watch as the air escapes and sends your balloon rocketing across the string track!



  • The balloon is propelled by the energy of the air escaping from the confines of the balloon’s interior. The air rushing out creates an energy of forward motion called thrust.

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