Butterfly paintings

Butterfly paintings

Get your kids playing with paints as they create a gorgeous butterfly painting. This is a great art and craft kids activity that will have your kids expressing their creativity in fabulous colours and shades.

What you need:

  • paper
  • glitter glue
  • paint
  • spoons or paintbrushes
  • newspaper to work on

Number of players:


Lay newspaper out on your working surface.

Place your paper out and then using a paintbrush or spoon to apply plenty of coloured paint to half of the page.

Next fold the page in half (paint on the inside).

Using your hands press firmly and spread the trapped paint across the page.

Finally open the page to reveal a brightly coloured butterfly painting.


  • This activity provides instant success and is always rewarding. This activity always presents itself as an exciting masterpiece.
  • When pressing the paint make sure you press firmly, this part will be plenty of fun for your child. If there is too much paint the paper may tear so keep that in mind when applying paint to the page.

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