Cooking games with kids: Mystery make time

Cooking games with kids: Mystery make time

Most kids love a good mystery and for this, all you need is what you choose. You have complete control! Get in the kitchen and have the kids guessing right up to the last minute with this mystery make.

What you need:

  • a quick and easy recipe – (title removed or hidden with sticky note)
  • ingredients for your chosen recipe
  • utensils listed in the recipe

Number of players:


There are many quick and easy recipes for kids to follow. At Kidspot, we have a great recipe finder with a section just for kids cooking. Check it out and find the perfect one for you and your kids.

When you have the recipe picked out, gather all of the ingredients and start the guessing game.

For each instruction, drop a clue to see if they have any idea.

Keep going until you're almost done. If it's the basic pancakes recipe, chat about the toppings, or the method of cooking. If you try the Cookie Monster cupcakes recipe, drop in the Sesame Street reference and the character colour.


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