Create a colour collage

Create a colour collage

This activity focuses on favourite colours and shapes. Learn shapes and colours as well as many other skills with this collage on your favourites. The kids will love displaying their artwork for everyone to see.

What you need:

  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • poster paper

Number of players:


Ask your child to choose their favourite colour and use it as a background colour. This is created with the poster paper.

Cut out shapes from your coloured paper and stick them down. These could be stuck in any fashion you like – overlapping, in lines, bordering a project, anything you like.

Create your collage with contrasting colours or those of a similar hue and make an eye catching piece to display.


  • If you create many different colour collages, you could staple together to form a rainbow collage book.
  • Try these polygon shapes for a start.

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