Create a colourful streamer costume

Create a colourful streamer costume

You don't need a special occasion to make a colourful streamer costume. All you need is some creative imagination and lots of streamers! Here's how.

What you need:

  • Large paper bag – big enough to fit over a child's head
  • Craft glue or stapler
  • Streamers

Number of players:


Measure the height of your child.

Cut the streamers to the same length.

Put the bag over your child's head and draw a circle where their eyes and mouth are.

Remove the bag and cut out the holes for eyes and mouth.

Begin stapling or gluing the streamers, alternating as you go, onto the bag.

Cover the front, back and sides in streamers.

If you have used glue, wait for it to dry before placing the bag over their head. Your streamer costume is now ready!

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