Crickweb online learning games

Crickweb online learning games

Crickweb online learning games offers 15 online games that your child can play, encouraging spelling, reading, learning the alphabet and grammar. Games include Word Cruncher, Word Wheel, Alphabetical Order, Animal Labelling and more.

What you need:

  • Computer with internet access

Number of players:
1 +


With 15 different spelling, grammar and alphabet-based games to choose from, there is sure to be something your child will love at Crickweb online learning games.

You can choose from a variety of games, most of which include moving images and detailed graphics to enhance spelling and reading performance.

The games vary in difficulty, from simple tasks such as labelling, where your child drags and drops the name of an item into place, to more complex games such as word rearranging activities and the multimedia-based Word Wheel, where your child develops their skill at blending phenomes.

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