DIY doctor mask and play set

DIY doctor mask and play set

If your child is into pretend play at the moment, why not introduce them to the doctor play set? You can put together a fun set that costs next to nothing. Why not add their own surgical gauze mask to "play doctor" with? This kit also makes the perfect prop for a doctor dress up.

What you need:

For the doctor mask:

  • cotton gauze 8" x 10"
  • 2 x elastic pieces 10" long (availabe in sewing aisle or Spotlight)
  • safety pin
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

For your doctor kit:

  • an old case or small box
  • adhesive paper
  • a round plate or bowl
  • red marker

Items to put inside your doctor kit:

  • bandages
  • plastic syringe
  • plastic tweezers from a dressing kit
  • tongue depressor
  • stethoscope (You can find an old stethoscope on ebay. Make sure you supervise your child as yelling or banging on stethoscopes can cause hearing damage.)
  • cotton balls or swabs
  • eye patch
  • note pad and pen

Number of players:


Step 1. Start by making your surgical mask. Get your gauze square and elastic. Note that the piece of gauze suits a small child, measure out a bigger one for an older child.

Step 2. Fold the gauze in half and sew along dotted line. Note: see image below.

Step 3. Turn inside out and press down to flatten the gauze.

Step 4. Fold the open sides of the gauze over twice and press. This will make the first passage to thread elastic your through. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5. Stitch along these folds. Note: again, sew where the dotted line is in the image.

Step 6. Fasten your safety pin to the end of the elastic piece and thread each through the side tubes.

Step 7. Tie off the ends of the elastic.

Step 8. Move the elastic around to hide the knot. Voila! One surgical doctor's mask!

Step 9. To decorate your doctor's case, trace a circle around a bowl or plate onto some white adhesive paper. Draw a large medical cross and colour in with a red marker.

Step 10. Cut out your crosses and stick onto your doctor's case or tin.

Step 11. Fill your doctor's case with the bandages, plastic syringe, plastic tweezers, tongue depressor, stethoscope and any other "medical supplies" you've gathered. Now prepare yourself to be examined, prodded and bandaged up … Have fun!








































This craft was created by Cintia, who blogs at my poppet.

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