Doily-trimmed Easter basket

Doily-trimmed Easter basket

Kids will love making their own little doily-trimmed Easter basket to hold their chocolate eggs this year.  These also make a cute table decoration for Easter lunch.

What you need:

  • 1 x 8.5" doily
  • 1 x piece of A4 card
  • pencil
  • 1 x large cupcake wrapper
  • hot glue gun or a stapler
  • scissors

Number of players:


Cut the centre out of your doily so that you are left with only the lacy edge.

Place the top half of your lacy circle onto your piece of cardboard, so that it makes a semi-circle that you can trace around and use as a guide.

Trace around the arc with a lead pencil.  Then use that as a guide to create a smaller 4cm arch that will sit inside the lacy edge once you put your basket together.

Cut out the white card arc and then cut another 1.5cm strip from the cardboard to use as a basket handle.

Glue the lacy edge of the doily to the white cardboard arc. Trim it where needed.

Now use your cupcake wrapper as a guide to form a circle out of the arc you have just created: wrap it around the cupcake wrapper, so that the cupcake wrapper will sit snugly inside it. Staple or glue the ends of the arc together to create your basket body.

Now glue the cupcake wrapper inside it (see video.)

Add the basket handle and you are done!


Hints and tips:

Put mini eggs inside for Easter morning, or use as a table adornment for Easter lunch.

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