Easy Costume: Legolas Lord Of The Rings

Easy Costume: Legolas Lord Of The Rings

Easy costumes like this Legolas costume from The Lord Of The Rings series, are all about the accessories. Watch the video below to see how you can cobble together a last minute costume the night before Book Week using stuff in your own wardrobe.

What you need:

  • 1 x neutral coloured pants
  • 1 x tunic (we used a women's short sleeved cardigan, grandpa shirts also make good tunics)
  • 2 x belts
  • 1 x hooded cape (brown or green)
  • 1 x bow
  • 1 x quiver (we used a music stand carry case)
  • toy arrows
  • 1 x pair of long black boots from Mum's wardrobe

Optional extra:

  • 1 x long white wig (party shops)
  • Arm bands and shoulder armour made from takeaway coffee cups

Number of players:


Start with the basics: long pants and a long sleeved shirt.


Now add a tunic of some sort. Look in your wardrobe, you'll be amazed by what you can appropriate just by putting a belt around the middle.

Belt the tunic loosely around the hips.

Add the cape.

Add the bow.

Fashion a quiver out of something long and narrow. We used a music stand carry case, you could also use a tripod carry case.  Or look in your recycling bin for a long narrow box. Cut it to size.

Use the second belt to attach the quiver to Legolas' back – putting it diagonally across his body.

Legolas also rocks a pair of long black boots. Every woman has a pair of these. Hand them over.

If you wanted to be really authentic you could add a long white wig from the party shop.

Optional extra 1: fashion some armour

Legolas goes into battle, so he needs some armour.  We used a whole lot of takeaway coffe cups to make some shoulder pads and two arm bands. Weird, but strangely effective.

Optional extra 2: rock a long white wig

To make it really authentic you could buy a wig from the costume shop and get your boy to rock a long white wig. However, in my experience little boys do not like long white wigs; which is why we opted to skip this detail.


  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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