Easy folded flowers

Easy folded flowers

These sweet folded flowers are a simple way to make paper flowers for Mother's Day – or just for a fun rainy day activity!

What you need:

  • 1 x A4 piece of coloured or patterned paper
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • 1 x button
  • 1 x bamboo skewer

Number of players:



Cut two 6cm-wide strips, lengthways, out of the A4 sheet of paper.

Concertina fold each strip.

Place the concertina strips upright on the table in front of you, so they are balancing on their edges. Join the two strips at each end to form a circle.

Press the circle flat on the table.

Put a dab of hot glue in the centre of the circle and pinch it all together so it stays.

Glue a button to the centre.

Turn the flower over and glue a bamboo skewer to the back, as a stem.

Hints and tips:

  • These folded flowers can also be used to decorate a gift – just glue it to the front or top of the gift for an impressive homemade gift wrap.
  • Try using patterned paper for a different look.
  • You could also paint the bamboo skewer if you wanted to make it a more realistic-looking stem.
  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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