Five fab ways to display kids’ art

Five fab ways to display kids’ art

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Kids' artwork. Gosh. Some kids are super prolific with the painting and the drawing and they are creating new masterpieces every day – all of which need to take pride of place in your family’s home. The fridge door is definitely a wonderful showcase for such genius, but it’s a high traffic area and priceless artworks can get bumped up and damaged very easily.

We want to encourage tiny artists in their creative endeavours. As much as we adore the fridge door, we thought you’d like to know about some other ways to show off your little Picasso’s clever pencilling or painting.

Here are five fresh ways to display your child’s artwork, just in case your fridge door gets tragically slopped with red cordial or chocolate topping.

Rails and clips artwork display

Rails and clips from The Style Files

Devote an unloved wall to your child’s much loved artwork.  You can get fittings similar to these at IKEA or your local hardware store and you can customise the length and number of rails to suit you! This idea would also work well as an inspiration wall!

 Hanger artwork display

Hanger art from Apartment Therapy

This is a super speedy, super effective, super accessible option for displaying kids' art, or indeed any kind of art! You can use the wooden hangers as is, or you could paint them white so they disappear into the (white) wall behind.  I am the type of gal who would paint them yellow or red, truth be told!

 bulldog clip artwork display

Bulldog clip gallery from Design Sponge

Silver bulldog clips mounted on a large piece of cardboard or plywood makes for a simple modular gallery.  Attach your clips at regular intervals, or randomise a bit for a more of a collage effect.  You could also nail these to the back of a door or along a shelf.

 cloud wall art

Pride of place from Kidspot

Sometimes the art needs to take pride of place as a decorating feature in a room.  This adorable cotton wool cloud is much fluffier and more hands-on than commercial wall decals. Hang it front and centre and show your child how GREAT their work is!

 clipboard artwork display

Clipboard gallery from Clean and Scentsible

I did this in my shop a few years ago and it’s SUCH a neat, effective, modular way to display art. You can buy these clipboards at Officeworks for a couple of dollars each and mount them on your wall.  If you want to go the whole hog and add some wooden letters, get those from Spotlight.  You could even mount the clipboards on a blackboard and help your child write descriptions of their art.

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