Five simple soft toys to make with kids

Five simple soft toys to make with kids

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Perhaps you like making things, like I do? It’s getting to that cosy time of year where we stay inside more and do indoorsy stuff, so I thought we could do some crafty things together, while we are hanging inside, drinking tea. Let’s have a crafternoon!

I think that getting together and making things is heaps of fun and it’s even more fun to make things to give to other people. So what could be better than to make cute, handmade soft toys? You can make these for your favourite kidlet, or you can make them for yourself if you are a bit of a softie. I think it’s nice to bundle up with a pal and make things together, so let’s do that. Get out your craft basket if you have one! Fumble your thimble! Wiggle your wool! Let’s make soft toys!


beanbag frog

Beanbag frog from Kidspot

Oh my. I have such a soft spot for these soft toy frogs. I think I need to make one today. Did you have these as a child? I think they are part of everyone’s nostalgic memories and for good reason. You could make these in pretty Liberty prints if you want to be fancy, or you could refashion a cute shirt or dress your child has grown out of into a new froggy friend.


monster softie

Super simple monster softie from One Charming Party

This is a really easy toy to make; just click the link to print the pattern. If you are feeling extra creative you could even get your child to draw the monster then make it together, following along with One Charming Party’s basic instructions. Who would not like a custom designed cute-face like this?!

Sunshine rainbow soft toys

Rainbow sunshine soft toy from Chez Beeper Bebe

Look how cute! This simple sunshine toy can feature rainbow ribbons, like in this photo, or you can add ribbons in one colour for a more neutral look. This is a great one for a baby! Look at all those interesting colours and textures and bits to explore. Much nicer than something you’d buy at the shops, right?

Totoro soft toy

Totoro soft toy from Cut Out and Keep

Are your kids into movies like Spirited Away and Ponyo? Maybe they’ve seen My Neighbour Totoro too? You can make a fuzzy wuzzy, easy peasy Totoro for your favourite anime loving person in an hour or two. I think you’ll have a hard time giving it away!


Knitted guitar soft toy

Knitted guitar from Jo Made This

Look how great this knitted guitar is. You can make this from old jumpers if you cut them out carefully and use small stitches to sew the panels together (be careful of unravelling). I love this project and I bet everyone at your place will love it too, kidlet or not! Don't you just want one?!

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