Flap the Kipper

Flap the Kipper

This traditional Irish party game is a fun St Patrick's Day activity for kids. Create your own kipper with our free printable so you can all play Flap the Kipper this St Patrick's Day.

What you need:

  • 1 x FREE kipper printable for each player
  • 1 x rolled-up newspaper for each player
  • A long hall or clear floor space

Number of players:


Thanks to our sister site kidspot.com.au for the instructional video above.

Each player creates their own kipper to race.

Traditionally you would cut a kipper shape out of newspaper (which is actually best because the thinner the paper, the more your kipper will flap).

But if you want to get crafty with it, you can print out the free kipper printable and decorate it. Put your name on it so you'll be sure who won.

Place your paper kippers at the starting line.

Now use the rolled-up newspaper to flap your kipper along by smacking the floor behind it.

The first kipper over the finish line wins.

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