French drop coin trick

French drop coin trick

Performing magic tricks is a fun way for children to improve their cognitive and fine motor skills.  This French Drop coin trick is a classic that should be mastered by all budding magicians.

What you need:

  • A coin

Number of players:


Show a coin by holding it in the fingertips of your left hand. Hold the edges and allow a lot of the face of the coin to be seen.

The right hand approaches the left to supposedly take the coin. The thumb goes behind the coin and the fingers in front.

As soon as the fingers close around the coin and it is out of sight, allow the coin to fall into the left hand.

The coin fall between the right thumb and the back of the left fingers. It will look as if you are pinching the coin with your right fingers and thumb.

Move your right hand up and to the side as the left hand with the coin relaxes. At all times, this hand should look natural and not tense.

Slowly rub the right hand fingers as if the coin is dissolving. Then show your empty right hand. The coin has vanished.


  • Practise the natural action of taking the coin and then not taking it, so the moves look identical and fluid.

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